The life of

In the field of music, Paul Wall is an American rapper who participated in the SwishaHouse Records label. However, he is also an actor, which is why he has also worked in collaboration with other actors, which made him open up in the audio market.
His story begins in Texas, United States. However, his father left the family, which triggered a depression in his home at 5 years of age. Regardless of the ups and downs, he had in his first years of life, including his adolescence; he was always interested in rap, in addition to singing in general.

After completing his studies at the University of Houston, specializing in conversation, Paul Wall passion linked to rap and singing, so he decided to follow his dreams, focusing fully on his musical career.
Later, after starting to direct his career, he and his wife were part of Chamillionaire, and due to the good impression they were able to give, they were named members of Swishahouse, and then released their first album. Thanks to this, the number of fans worldwide increased exponentially. In his musical career, he has also contributed with other rappers, such as SnoopDogg.
After becoming independent as a singer and rapper,
Paul Wall ventured into the field of films, giving life to characters from various films such as “I Hope They Save Beer in Hell” and “Furnace”.
With regard to his personal life, Paul Wall is married to a woman who does a very good job being a music performer, what was the spark of their relationship, the love of music. In addition, he has two daughters with whom he shares his life. The singer and rapper became obese after having to go into therapy, so he began to enter healthy life in the company of his wife. Even with his ups and downs, he has been an important person in the musical field and as an actor.