Innovative, unique, original and captivating, this is to give a lunar registry online

Maybe there is not a more charming, engaging and original gift rather than to present a piece of the moon, and now it is possible together with personalized lunar registry included, a lunar property inside a gift for just about any occasion, a special and book gift to thrill your friends or perhaps family. You don’t need to travel to the moon you can buy a piece of the moon for your loved ones and in addition very easy to provide, you can do it by email or even share this on Facebook.

Get into and in three easy steps, you can buy an acre on the moon. The very first thing you must do is actually fill out a land sign up form, because a second step the Moon Sign-up team recognizes the registration and also prepares the bundle, and then you will get via email the gift package deal you have chosen in addition to the certificate.

We possess two offers for the buy of moon land:
• – Regular Package, consisting of 2 acres of the moon, certification with title and whole lot number, a guide of the moon all within PDF format and a digital photo guide.
– High quality Package, 12 acres of the moon and in addition to what is previously included in the Standard package you’re going to get an Atlas Software of the moon.
When buying land on the moon, think about just how exciting it’ll be to become a holder of extraterrestrial properties as well as without everything it would take to go out directly into space. Are part of that choose group of people who have participated in this kind of ingenious on the internet tool.

Enter now to our own website and also verify the ins and outs. At we have a online privacy policy to ensure that we provide the best service without worrying regarding others acquiring your information such as name, e mail or charge card numbers, your data is safeguarded through Protected Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Locate everything concerning us, our privacy policies as well as everything you need to realize to buy land of the moon on our own site. We will be happy to assist you.